The Beautiful Princess of Never Come True

from by John Lester



‘The Beautiful Princess of Never Come True’ is a total sledgehammer to the heart!” - Peter Finch, The Finch Files Podcast (formerly of KFOG/San Francisco and KCBO/Boulder)


Pink for girls or blue for boys
Fairy dust or fighting toys
A child must choose when they’re still young
Between a magic wand or a plastic gun
But there’s this kid who doesn’t care
What his classmates say or which daddy’s stare
His hair’s pulled back in a ponytail
He wears a purple dress and he’s got painted nails

And he says why does everybody tell me what I can’t do
And then he just sighs and says I guess I’ll be
The beautiful princess of never come true

Some people try to put him down
But his heads held high and he stands his ground
He’s strong, he’s wise, and he’s pretty too
And he’s got a lesson for me and you
‘Cause he likes both Lego planes and lady bugs
His dolls ride trains and he gives big bear hugs
Boy things, girl things, all he sees
Are people things, not he’s or she’s

And he says why should anybody tell me what I can’t do
And he can’t deny that he’ll always be
The beautiful princess of never come true

Of never come true
He’s beautiful princess
Of never come true

When are we the parents finally gonna stop our pretending
That we don’t look down in judgement
Can’t we see the message we’re sending
‘Cause if a boy wants to fly on butterfly wings
Or dress himself up in the prettiest things
Then why should he have to fight a very old point of view
And be the beautiful princess of never come true

I hope this child will always see
Exactly who he wants to be
And he won’t grow up to be afraid
To stand behind the choice he’s made
For perhaps the writers got it wrong
With their fairy tales where he can’t belong
From his innocence, from this child at play
I hope they learn that’s alright to say

You can fly in any way that you imagine to do
So please don’t deny that you can also be a beautiful princess
Just reach for the sky and all the heavens will be open to you
Now let’s say goodbye and thanks to
The beautiful princess of never come true

©John Lester


from Fathers and Sons, released June 18, 2017
John Lester - vocals, upright bass, nylon string guitar, 6 string bass guitar
Gretchen Peters - background vocals
Paul Tiernan - steel string guitar and background vocals
Barry Walsh - piano
Michael Urbano - drums



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John Lester San Francisco, California

Award-winning singer-songwriter, bassist and multi-instrumentalist.


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